Joe lando jane seymour dating

Joe lando jane seymour dating

Joe lando jane seymour dating 1

Joe lando and jane seymour were in an onscreen matchup on screen matchups joe lando and jane seymour were in dr quinn medicine woman 1993 together about joe lando is a 56 year old american actor born joseph john lando on 9th december 1961 in prairie view illinois usa he is famous for dr quinn medicine woman his.

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Actress jane seymour has worked opposite plenty of charming leading men including roger moore as james bond in live and let die but it was her romantic entanglement with costar joe lando perhaps better known as sully on dr quinn medicine woman that really shook things up.

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Millions of fans across the world followed sullys romance with drquinn in the hugely popular tv series drquinn medicine woman but its not generally known that in real life actor joe lando who plays sully was smitten with the star of the show jane seymour.

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After a nightmare in which she suffered the heartache of a terrible divorce and the trauma of massive personal debts actress jane seymour is battling back she has fallen for handsome american actor joe lando her costar in a two hour television movie called medicine woman.

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Michaela and sully from dr quinn medicine woman are one of my favorite tv couples of all time jane seymour and joe lando had the kind of onscreen chemistry that comes along only once in a very blue moon.

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Jane seymour j ane seymours life is an endless summer in every sense of the word seriously if it werent for an insatiable need to travel she might not even leave the house.

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we dated for a while jane is a beautiful lady he says for her part seymour sighs joe is definitely one of the most gorgeous men on the planet now were just good friends im married now you know joes.

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You know her name jane seymour 63 has brought back her dr quinn character in a spoof for funny or die however more than just a silly skit the clip actually brings back other original members from the series including joe lando orson bean jonelle allen and frank collison.

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