Jumper doug liman dating


Jumper doug liman dating

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American film director and producer doug liman is best known for his movies including swingers the bourne identity mr amp mrs smith jumper fair game and edge of.

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Filmmaker doug liman made an impressive debut with a small independent movie swingers that was shot on a budget and went on to earn a small fortune since then liman has been given increasingly large sums to make his movies which have been relatively few in number but major screen events.

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Douglas eric liman born july 24 1965 is an american film director and producer he is known for directing the films swingers 1996 go 1999 the bourne identity 2002 mr amp mrs smith 2005 fair game 2010 edge.

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Youtube premium recently dropped the first season of its newest series impulse a jumper sequel of sorts that brings back filmmaker doug liman to the world of teleporting superpowers and global conspiracies the series stands in stark contrast from the highconcept summer blockbuster of 2008 as it operates more as a moody teen.

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doug liman i really wanted a clean start the themes that attracted me to impulse are themes that attracted me to jumper and even some of my other filmsim very interested in superpowers and.

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Span classnews_dtjun 04 2018spannbsp018332despite being directed and executive produced by doug liman the series has no connection to whats come before the only thing the two share in common is the superpower they portray.

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jumper david rice have been living a uncomfortable life after his mother abandoned him when he was five years old his alcoholic father cannot take care of him and his friends pick on him all the time one day when almost drown he discovers his secret ability transporting himself to anywhere on earth he wants david uses his skill to rob a bank.

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The trailer for the youtube red original series based in the world of jumper is here and it looks pretty darn creepy the new series is an adaptation of steven goulds impulse the third book in his teleportation series.

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